Name : Rick Davies
Real Name : Richard Davies
Instrument : Vocals, Keyboards
Band : Supertramp
Anthems : Take The Long Way Home, Give A Little Bit, Bloody Well Right
Place of Birth : Swindon, Wiltshire, England
Status : Alive
Dates : July 22, 1944 -
In 1969 Richard Davies was given a tremendous opportunity. While playing with the band Joint in Germany, Davies met a millionaire by the name of Stanley August Miesegaes who offered to finance a whole new band for Davies. Thus, Supertramp was made! Originally known as Daddy, Supertramp took their name from the book "The Autobiography of a Supertramp" by W.H. Davies. After Hodgson left the band in the early 80's, Supertramp continued on and completed "Some Things Never Change" in 1997. This album demonstrated their never-ending popularity.
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