Name : Jimmie Vaughan
Real Name : Jimmie Vaughan
Instrument : guitar
Band : The Fabulous Thunderbirds
Anthems : Tuff Enuff, Do You Get The Blues
Place of Birth : Dallas, Texas, USA
Status : Alive
Dates : March 20, 1951 -
Jimmie Vaughan is the older brother of the famous guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan. But Jimmie Vaughan himself is a very gifted and talented musician and singer. In 1980 his band The Fabulous Thunderbirds signed to Chrysalis Records and put out three major albums. Although the three albums did poorly with the general public, some famous musicians such as Eric Clapton and The Rolling Stones became major fans of the band and even had them open for them. After the tragic death of his brother, Jimmie waited five years until he made his long awaited solo recording of "Strange Pleasures", which earned many positive reviews.
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