Name : Bob Geldof
Real Name : Robert Fredrick Zenon Geldof
Instrument : Vocals
Band : The Boomtown Rats
Anthems : I Don't Like Mondays, She's so Modern, Do They Know it's Christmas, This is the world calling
Place of Birth : County Den Laoghaire, Eire
Status : Alive
Dates : October 5, 1954 -
Bob Geldof has had a totally interesting life. In the mid-70's he formed the band, The Boomtown Rats, which was the first punk/new wave band to even touch the mainstream scene. After a few hits the band lost public favour by the end of 1977. Geldof however, continued to stay in the limelight, especially after starring in Pink Floyd's film, "The Wall". After becoming seriously involved with the plight of peoples of Ethiopia, Geldof organized Band Aid to raise awareness and financial assistance. After many years of hard work his charity brought together the largest group of rock artists for the Live Aid Show. In 1986 he received knighthood in England. Geldof continued to his solo career with little success. Today Geldof has established himself a highly successful businessman.
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