Name? : Billy Corgan
Real Name : William Corgan Jr.
Instrument : Guitar, Vocals
Band : Smashing Pumpkins
Anthems : Today, Bullet with Butterfly Wings
Place of Birth : Chicago, Illinois, USA
Status : Alive
Dates : March 17, 1967 -
Billy Corgan formed the Smashing Pumpkins in the late 1980's. The band made its debut in 1990 with the release of "I am One". They signed to Caroline Records and put out their first album, "Gish". Corgan is known for his beautifully twisted metaphors and skewed rhythms. He has written many hit songs, including the first song on Hole's album "Malibu". To many dismayed and upset fans, the Smashing Pumpkins finally dis-banded in February of 2000. Corgan continues to write songs and is in the works of forming (possibly) a new band.
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